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About Company

LESYA Factory is a modern sewing and production complex, incorporated on the basis of Novohrad-Volynskyi Garment Factory in 1965. This is the main place of employment for Novohrad-Volynskyi population. The factory specializes in the manufacturing of premium-quality trousers for men and women at the production scale under the brand of the customer.

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Facts About Us


SQM, area of the


Trousers per year


Years of specialization:
sewing trousers


SQM, new
production capacity


Capacity building



You have already achieved a lot, but there comes an understanding that sometimes one person is unable to change something, that there are areas in which others are better than you, that there are people with whom you understand each other in half-words, with a half of thought, and your joint work is just doomed to success. Then, you will find out what the word TEAM means and how important it is in business and in life.

Mykola Sychenko

CEO, Private Joint - Stock Company “Production-Commercial Firm "Lesya"

Competetive Advantages

High Quality
Of Trousers

The high quality of products is achieved with the use of advanced equipment and extensive experience in the manufacture of trousers.


The optimal prime cost and high quality of the products for the middle and premium segments.

Highly Efficient

Average production capacity is more than 800000 trousers per year. Sewing 3600 pieces of trousers per day (two-shift system). Capacity building potential totals up to 1500000 products per year.


The company provides a full range of custom and logistics services. The location of the factory along with the international highway Kyiv-Chop enables the possibility to shorten the logistics period: 3-4 days for the supply of ready-made goods to any country in Europe.


According to the current Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, the import duty for light industry products is 0%, which creates favorable conditions for trade and economic cooperation.

Great Experience In
Garment Industry

The factory's activities have reached the milestone of over 50 years old. The average work experience of employees is 8 years. All technological processes are optimized and maximally automated.


LESYA garment factory has a modern high-performance equipment fleet, which is represented by: Juki, Yamato, JAM, Assys, PFAFF – brands modified to production needs by Konrad Busche service company.

In order to maximize the automation of processes and exclude the influence of human factors on production, the factory uses the CAD system.



Business Social Compliance
Initiative (BSCI) –
working conditions of the factory
evaluated on the level А (the
highest) under international scale


CPI2 – by the results of the
evaluation (audit) of the
international organization for the preservation of the environment
received a silver medal


More than 90% of ordered products
are produced for the German company
Leineweber under the trademark
BRAX (more than 800000 units
of product per year).

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For the brand LAGRAND,
LESYA garment factory
produces 20000 pieces of
women's and men's trousers
each year.

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