LESYA Factory is a modern sewing and production complex, incorporated on the basis of Novohrad-Volynskyi Garment Factory in 1965. This is the main place of employment for Novohrad-Volynskyi population. The factory specializes in the manufacturing of premium-quality trousers for men and women at the production scale under the brand of the customer.

The major terms for our cooperation with partners are reliability, transparency and honesty. The most important principles of the company are to be modern, to implement the latest technologies, to work clearly and systematically, to take into account individual needs of the customer, to provide premium quality, to improve continuously the results of work.

The area of the factory is
7000 SQM, where:

and office

300 SQM


6000 SQM


7300 SQM

Dynamic 3-level warehouse of finished products

Wet-heat treatment, storage space

Industrial distribution departament

A garment section

Cutting sector

A garment section

+ 4000 SQM
of new production capacity

High-quality products for middle and premium segments

Highly qualified specialists

Modern efficient equipment

Production capacity: more than 800000 trousers per year, capacity up to 1500000 trousers per year

Experience in the production
of washed products

The Up-to-date system of production with automatic accounting
of technological processes CAD

Dynamic 3-level warehouse for 108000 trousers

Flexibility of forms of cooperation with the Customer

Business tendency

Ukraine is perfect country for implementing large sewing volumes on the terms of outsourcing.

It was historically predetermined that there were garment companies in almost every Ukrainian city at the time, thanks to which Ukrainians gained much experience and skill in this field. The customer gets a high-quality product at a bargain price. Thanks to the pro-European vector of development of the country, corresponding requirements are taken intoconsideration for the quality of the finished product, honest work, conscientious execution and compliance with business ethics.


is a town located in Northern-Western part of Zhytomyr region, 218 km from Kyiv to West and 312 km from Lviv to East.