You have already achieved a lot, but there comes an understanding that sometimes one person is unable to change something, that there are areas in which others are better than you, that there are people with whom you understand each other in half-words, with a half of thought, and your joint work is just doomed to success. Then, you will find out what the word TEAM means and how important it is in business and in life.

Mykola Sychenko


Kondratiuk Tetiana

Director of an enterprise

+38 (067) 412 27 44

Bal Tetiana

Head of Export/Import Department

+38 (067) 412 14 33

Demenko Oksana

Head of HR

+38 (067) 409 49 87


LESYA garment factory
employs over 500


The average age of
the workers is 35


9% of employees, who dedicated
26 years of their lifes are a
particular pride of LESYA Factory


The average
duration of work -
8 years